Keep The Shock Letter
- out of the -
Gmail Spam Folder

Settings that you can make to keep this newsletter
from going to your Spam/Junk folder

Gmail likes to put The Shock Letter into the spam/junk folder. Let's stop that with a few simple steps. The first one should be pretty easy. The second one will be only slightly harder. However, if you can make it through all of that, you should have no problem keeping The Shock Letter going to your inbox. Gmail needs to stop labeling newsletters like this one as spam. It's just wrong. So, let's make it harder for them to do that.

NOTE: These are the instructions for accessing your email via Firefox, on a PC. If you are doing this on your cellphone or tablet, the instructions will probably be similar - but might not be.

First Step - Google Contact List

Put into your Gmail contact list. Google likes to put your contacts under Google Apps.

1. Go to the top, right corner and click the Google apps icon:

Click Google apps icon

The Google apps window will appear:

Google apps window

2. Click the Contacts icon.

The Contacts window will appear:

Click Contacts

3. Click Create contact - either at the top of the left column or at the lower center of the page.

The Create new contact window will appear:

Create Contact Window

4. In the First name field, type: The Shock Letter

5. In the Email field, type:

6. Click Save


7. SUCCESS! You now have The Shock Letter in your contact list.

Second Step - Gmail Email Filter

Now that we have The Shock Letter in your contact list, let's take one more step and create an email filter to make sure that the newsletter arrives in your inbox.

1. Click the settings icon (icon).

Click Gmail Settings

2. When the Google Settings Menu appears, click Settings.

Google Settings Menu

3. A new page will appear with a menu bar at the top. In that menu bar, click Filters and Blocked Addresses.

Filters and Blocked Addresses

4. When the Filters and Blocked Addresses page appears, click Create a new filter.

Click Create a new filter

5. The New filter box opens:

New Filter Box

6. In the From: line, enter this email address:

7. Click Create filter (ignore the Search button).

8. The Filter settings box will open with a list of check boxes.

Filter options box

9. Check the box Never send it to spam.

10. Check the box Categorize as:. Then, click Choose category.

11. When the category box opens, click Primary.

12. Check the box Also apply filter to (if it appears). You might have a bunch of Shock Letters in other folders. Let's put them back where they belong.

13. Click the Create filter button.

SUCCESS! Filter created.

14. SUCCESS! Well done. You have a new filter in your Gmail account.


Gmail is trying to block spammers, and it's a really hard task to accomplish well. There are some things that I've been able to do on my end to make it easier for The Shock Letter to avoid Gmail's Spam, but there's a limit to what I can do on my own. That's why I need your input to help make sure that you get each message.

Unfortunately, there's also a little problem called censorship. It's hard to know how badly Gmail wants to censor email newsletters like this one, and I try to keep from being too suspicious of these kinds of things. So I'm reluctant to go too deeply into how much evil they might be attempting to accomplish here. But, doing the above steps should stop them from winning... for now.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Yours in Christ,

John Little
Omega Shock

PS. If anyone knows of other settings that people should change in their email account, please let me know so that I can describe them.

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