Keep The Shock Letter
- out of the -
Outlook/Hotmail Spam Folder

Settings that you can make to keep this newsletter
from going to your Spam/Junk folder

Microsoft's web-based email services - Hotmail and - have been putting The Shock Letter keeps going into the spam/junk folder. Let's stop that with a few somewhat-simple steps. The first one should be pretty easy, with a little extra 'toughness' for each of the other choices. However, if you can make it through all of that, you should have no problem keeping The Shock Letter where you want it. Too many email providers are treating The Shock Letter as spam, and that's just wrong. So, let's fix that.

NOTE: These are the instructions for accessing your email via Firefox, on a PC. If you are doing this on your cellphone or tablet, the instructions will probably be similar - but might not be.

ANOTHER NOTE: From this point on, I will just be mentioning The instructions for Hotmail should be the same.

First Step - Contact List

Put into your contact list. This should be pretty easy, except that doesn't seem to make it easy for you to find the New Contacts button. So, let's go though the best way to add The Shock Letter to your contacts list.

1. Go to the bottom, left corner of your window and click the People button.

Click People

(why did they make it so hard to find that button?)

2. The contacts window will appear. Click New Contact. It doesn't matter whether you click the New contact button to the left, or the + Add a contact link below.

New contact

3. The New contact window appears.

New contact

4. In the First name field, type: The Shock Letter.

5. Under Contact information, type into the Email address field.

6. Then, click the Create button.

New contact

7.  SUCCESS! You have The Shock Letter in your contact list.

Second Step - Safe Senders List

One thing that has, and many email services do not, is a Safe Senders List. THAT is something that we need to take advantage of.

1. Click Settings (icon).

Safe Senders

2. Then, click View all Outlook Settings (bottom right).

Safe Senders

3. When the Settings screen pops up, click 'Mail' in the left column. And then, click Junk email, in the column to the right.

Safe Senders

4. Look for Safe senders and domains to the right, and then click + Add.

Safe Senders

5. Put in the box that appears and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Safe Senders

6. Then, click the Save button.

Safe Senders

7. SUCCESS! You now have The Shock Letter in the Safe senders and domains list. Well done.

Safe Senders

Third Step - Email Rules

Alright. We've done well so far, but now it's time for something a tiny bit more challenging.

Are you game?

Of course you are!

This next bit isn't that hard, and the instructions are pretty easy. If you've gotten this far, you can finish this one just fine.

1. Click the settings icon (icon).


2. In the box that appears, scroll down to the bottom and click View all Outlook settings.


3. In the far left column, click Mail. A column to the right will appear. Click Rules. The Rules page will appear.


4. Click + Add new rule. The page will change.


5. In the text box labeled (1), type: The Shock Letter and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.


6. Under (2) Add a condition, click the Select a condition box. A menu will appear to the right. Click From.


7. Still under (2) Add a condition, the first box will now be labeled From. To the right, a text box will appear that will ask you to Please add a sender, type: Since you have The Shock Letter in your Contacts list, a drop-list will appear. Click The Shock Letter.


8. Scroll down to the third entry, labeled (3) Add an action. Click the box below, labeled Select an action. A list will appear to the right. Click Move to. The list will disappear. The box labeled Select an action will now say Move to.


9. To the right of the Move to box, click the Select a folder box.


10. In the drop list that opens, click Inbox.


11. Leave checked the check box labeled Stop processing more rules, and check the box labeled Run rule now. At the top right of the window, click the Save button.


12. SUCCESS! Well done. You have added an email rule to



That was a lot. And, I thank you for doing all that. These settings tell and Hotmail that you want to read this newsletter. And, it also makes it easier for other people to read it as well.

Part of the reason for all this trouble is that email servers are trying to block spammers, and it's a really hard task to accomplish well. Ive been able to do some things on my end to make it easier for The Shock Letter to avoid the Spam Folder, but this really needs to be a group effort.

Unfortunately, there's also a little problem called censorship. It's hard to know how badly they want to censor email newsletters like this one, and I try to keep from being too suspicious such things. So I'm reluctant to go too deeply into how much evil they might be attempting to accomplish here. But, doing the above steps should stop them from winning... for now.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Yours in Christ,

John Little
Omega Shock

PS. If anyone knows of other settings that people should change in their email account, please let me know so that I can describe them.

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