Keep The Shock Letter
Out of the Spam Folder

Here are some settings that you can make to keep this newsletter
from going to your Spam/Junk folder

If you use Gmail, Yahoo email, Hotmail, or, you are in luck. I have created easy-to-follow instructions on how to keep The Shock Letter out of your Spam/Junk folder. Even better, following these instructions will make it easier for others to see The Shock Letter.


Because adding The Shock Letter email to your contact list, will tell these email providers that you want to read what I'm writing. Then, setting up a Safe Senders List and email rules will help drive the point home and make sure that you never miss an issue.

Writing these instructions has been rather time-consuming, but labeling The Shock Letter as spam has got to stop. And, it's not all that hard to make it stop.

So, click one of the links below and follow the instructions for how to set up your email service to receive The Shock Letter:



For those of you using a different service than these three providers, read the instructions. That should give you and idea of how your email service might work.

For those of you using an email application like Thunderbird or MS Office Outlook, you probably already know how to make sure that The Shock Letter doesn't go to the spam folder. However, if you need help, let me know.

PS. If anyone knows of other settings that people should change in their email account, please let me know so that I can describe them.

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