Keep The Shock Letter
- out of the -
Yahoo Spam Folder

Settings that you can make to keep this newsletter
from going to Yahoo's Spam folder

Yahoo has a tendency to put The Shock Letter into their spam/junk folder. Let's stop that with a few somewhat-simple steps. The first one should be pretty easy, with a little extra 'toughness' for each of the other choices. However, if you can make it through all of that, you should have no problem keeping The Shock Letter in Yahoo's inbox. Let's make sure that Yahoo knows that The Shock Letter is not spam.

NOTE: These are the instructions for accessing your email via Firefox, on a PC. If you are doing this on your cellphone or tablet, the instructions will probably be similar - but might not be.

First Step - Yahoo Contact List

Put into your Yahoo contact list. This should be pretty easy, but let's go through it, anyway.

1. Click the Contact icon. It is located near the top and to the far right.

Click Contacts icon

Your contact list will appear:

Add new contact

2. Scroll to the bottom of the contact list column and click + Add a new contact.

An Add new contact form will appear:

Add contact details.

3. Under Contact details, type The Shock Letter under Name.

4. Under Email, type

5. Click the Save button.

New Contact!

6. Congratulations. The Shock Letter is now in your contact list.

Second Step - Yahoo Filter

Putting the Shock Letter email address into your contacts list, might actually be enough to make sure that The Shock Letter appears in your inbox, and not the spam folder. But, since we are already here, we might as well add a new level of protection, to make extra sure that the newsletter stays out of spam.

If you cannot find a Safe Senders List for your email service, you can always create a Filter.

1. Click the settings icon (icon).

Open Settings

2. In the drop menu that appears, go to the bottom and click More Settings.

More Settings

3. When a new page appears, go to the far left column and click Filters.

Click Filters

A column will appear, to the right.

Add New Filters

4. Click + Add new filters.

Another column will appear, further to the right:

Add Details

5. Under Filter Name, type: The Shock Letter.

6. Under Set Rules and under From, click 'Select a filter criterion'.

7. A list will appear. Click contains.

8. In the next line labeled 'Type a filter value', type the following:

9. Under Choose a folder to move to, click Select folder. A list box will appear. Click Inbox.

10. Then, click the Save button.

Fliter completed successfully

11. Voila! You have a new email filter. Well done!

NOTE: If you already have an email from The Shock Letter, Yahoo makes it pretty easy to create filters. Just click the ●●● (three dots to the upper right) and then click Filter messages like this.... Then, click Select Folder and then Inbox. Hit save, and you're done.


Sorry about all of that. Yahoo is trying to block spammers, and it's a really hard task to accomplish well. There are some things that I've been able to do on my end to make it easier for The Shock Letter to avoid the Spam Folder, but it's often not enough without help from people like you.

Unfortunately, there's a little problem called censorship. It's hard to know how badly Yahoo wants to censor email newsletters like this one, and I try to keep from being too suspicious of these kinds of things. So I'm reluctant to go too deeply into how much evil they might be attempting to accomplish here. But, doing the above steps should stop them from winning... for now.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Yours in Christ,

John Little
Omega Shock

PS. If anyone knows of other settings that people should change in their email account, please let me know so that I can describe them.

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